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Important Dates

January 19th - Teacher/Parent Conference

January 23rd - Show and Tell Contest

January 31st - Spelling marathon

February 14th - Valentine's Day Project

February 13th, - Show and Tell (letter Mm)

February 19th  thru 23rd - Review week

March 7th - Special talent contest

April 2nd - Closing at 3pm

April 3rd - Closed (Passover)

April  12th - Math competition ( 4 teams )

May 18th - Show and Tell (favorite book)

May 18th -  Mother's Day Concert

May 28th - Closed

June  15th - Last day of school (no more homeworks)

June 22nd - Graduation/Graduation party






Important information:

Dear Parents,

Our summer break will begin on Friday, June 15th, 2007, which means there will be no homework assigned for the rest of the summer.  All children did a great job through out the year and now they deserve some free time to relax and enjoy play time. 

Also, I would like to announce that on Friday, June 22nd at 6pm we are having our Graduation ceremony, as well as graduation party afterwards.




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